Jerry Maguire – finding a GOOD AAU team fit is critical

Where is Jerry Maguire when I need him! When it comes to finding a college basketball scholarship for your daughter it feels as if you need a full time sports agent. With that, you really need to try a good AAU basketball team. However, it’s not that easy. As a good friend of mine once said…”Kelty, all AAU teams are dysfunctional, it’s simply what level of dysfunction are you willing to deal with…” I thought, wow, he’s on to something there!

Unfortunately it seems that in the world of AAU basketball if you have a decent player on your hands you really need to figure out what the best situation is for your child. Meaning, the variables to consider are items such as:

1 – How are the players skill level and personality
2 – What type of offense does the coach run
3 – Does he or she have college contacts
4 – How many practices a week do they have
5 – How close is the gym
6 – What is the cost
7 – How many tournaments do they play in
8 – Maybe most importantly, where does he see your child fitting in (and do you believe him/her)

It’s not easy but if you try to check off these boxes you will likely be successful in finding the right fit for your daughter.

Good luck my friends!

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